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What You Should Know About Bathroom Renovation March 3, 2010

Posted by hypercampanha in Ideas.

If it is time for a new bathroom and you have thought about it for awhile now there are many ideas that can be done in your bathroom renovation.  An idea is great but it should always be put down on paper so your contractor knows exactly what you are looking for also.  Many things can be done to your bathroom to spruce it up from adding a mirror to changing the color of the paint.

If you are planning to change to door, pocket doors do not need a wide arc to be opened.  This will give you some added room in you bathroom.  Also to add some space to your bathroom you should get rid of the closets they are great but the shelves could go in the hall and you can use shelves or hanging mounts for everything in your bathroom.

When changing the paint color you should go with a lighter color like whites or cream colors.  Lighter colors make your bathroom look as though it has opened up.  Dark colors may make your bathroom appear shut in and cave like.  If you hang lots of mirrors in your bathroom it gives an illusion as thought the bathroom is larger then it is.  The more mirrors that you hang the more space it appears that you have.

If you are looking into having a whole bathroom renovation the you should look into putting in a stand up shower.  Stand up showers that sit in the corner are the best choice because they will give you some extra floor space.

Remember that if you are planning on a major bathroom renovation, write everything that you have in mind down on paper.  Another good thing to do is to hire a professional to do the confusing work.



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